Easier, better care.

What began as an idea to help one family care for a loved one is now a set of tools to help you reduce the stress, effort and cost of caregiving. The Care Tools offer you control, and the opportunity to get organized and share the care.

Anyone impacted by a chronic illness or involved in caregiving can use them - anytime, anywhere. The tools are effective because they are founded on experience, research and best care principles.

The Care Tools will help you to simplify and coordinate care. Use them to manage appointments, share tasks, post messages, look after yourself and each other, create more free time, and get help when you need it. You can also monitor medical conditions so that healthcare professionals can treat, and even prevent, problems sooner. And, there is more.

Feel free to explore the Care Tools. You can watch a short video showing a typical day with the Care Tools. You can try the tools, for free, using our demo team. And, you can create your own team to improve care now.

Many people would like their care and caring to be easier, better. The Care Tools make this possible. We invite you to get started.

"$25,000 Sustainability Award Winner"

"The Care Tools stands out as an idea that will have a real impact on our healthcare system and provide families with resources during difficult times."
- Rod Roodenburg

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