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Easier, better care for everyone impacted by chronic illness

Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Care Tools?

The tools are online aids which can help you organize and share the care. They are available anytime, anywhere, to make care easier and better.

What do they do?

Practically, they allow you to: get organized, schedule appointments, share tasks, build an informal care team, share messages, track and share health conditions, look after yourself as a caregiver, build a legacy, work effectively with healthcare professionals, and more.

You can use one tool or many, whatever helps you most. The simplest case would be to use one tool to address one condition and to provide care for yourself. The tools enable much richer care if you wish.

Are they sound?

Yes. The tools are based on caregiving experience, research, best care practices and input from healthcare professionals. They enable care that is well-organized, needs-focused, person-centered and team-based.

In addition to these 4 sound principles, we continually improve The Care Tools based on user feedback. We would welcome yours.

Can they help me?

We hope so. They are suitable for almost anyone who is impacted by illness, including individuals caring for themselves, caregiving families and friends, healthcare professionals, not-for-profits care organizations, public healthcare institutions, employers, home care services, etc.

There are, however, no magic bullets in healthcare and every care situation is unique. We encourage you to try the tools, to see if they can help you. Don't wait for a crisis in order to start. If you start early, you can organize your care and build a team so you can avoid crises, or manage them better if they do occur.

What is different about The Care Tools?

There are many differences. Three stand out.

The tools are unique. No other online tools or services enable caregivers to get organized, build teams and track health conditions. The best care occurs when informal (family/friend/community) and formal (professional) care teams work together effectively, supported by abundant, accurate health condition data.

The tools get the job done. Many healthcare organizations will provide information about how to care, but they don't provide you with the tools to actually do it. The care tools allow you to turn information into action, efficiently and effectively.

The Care Tools are independent. We are not influenced by funding agencies, sponsors, controlling partners, ad revenue, or any other biasing factors. Our only inclination is to create and implement any tool which will make care easier, better.

Do I need a doctor's referral to use the tools?

No. Many healthcare professionals refer their patients and families to our site, but a referral is not necessary. You can start today.

Is there a fee?

Yes, but only after you're certain that the tools can help you. Watch our free video to see what the tools do. Try our free fictional demo care team. Create your own team and use the tools free for a month. You'll see the benefits. After the free trial, there is a subscription fee of $25/month for the entire team. Your subscription includes up to 50 members, team leader support, and all upgrades to the Care Tools.

If you need the tools but have a financial concern, please contact us and we'll try to help.

How do I get started?

Click 'Get Started' on the homepage.

Where can I get more information?

Please call us, Mon-Fri, 9-5, PST, at (604) 733-1655, Vancouver, Canada.

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