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The Website is designed to facilitate better caregiving. It focuses on improving care results through good organization, focusing on needs, good communication and team work. It is not a substitute for services provided by health professionals or agencies, nor does use of the site create or imply a patient-physician relationship.

User Rights and Restrictions

Visitors may browse The Care Tools (“we”, "us") Website freely. We encourage feedback.
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Members can create a new team or ask to join an existing team.
A member who creates a new team (the Team Leader) can use the care tools for free for 30 days. After this period a subscription is due, otherwise the team will cease to exist.
Members who wish to join an existing team can do so by asking the Team Leader. If approved, the Team leader will add them to the team.

Members can leave a team or The Care Tools at any time, at no cost. Simply click Members/Leave and provide the information requested.
The Care Tools can terminate any member or team at any time for any reason. If we terminate a team, we will provide a pro-rated refund to the Team Leader.

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Most of our website is publicly viewable by anyone with an internet connection.

Our demonstration care team is accessible to all registered visitors. The demonstration team information is fictional and interactive. No one should enter private information into the interactive fields.

Team information is accessible only to the Team Leader and members comprising each team. ALL team information can be viewed and edited by ALL team members. This fact should be considered carefully by a Team Leader before adding team members, and by all team members before adding information. It is the responsibility of each team to never share team information with non-team members.

Subscription Payment

There are no joining or leaving fees. Team Leaders must pay a monthly fee to maintain their team. Automated payment by Visa, electronic funds transfer (ETF) or bank account debit, on a monthly or yearly basis are acceptable. Non-payment will result in the permanent deletion of a team and all related information without warning. 

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