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Easier, better care for everyone impacted by chronic illness

Your Story

Your care story is one that we’d like to enhance through the Care Tools.

Your story will be unique, undoubtedly, because of your individual situation, the friends and family involved, and your healthcare needs.

Needs are at the heart of all care stories, whether you are an individual, a caregiver, healthcare professional, agency or employer with staff who do double duty as caregivers for family members.

Filling needs is a key path to improving health and quality of life.

The table below presents some common needs. Mouse over any need to learn how The Care Tools can help, as shown in the bottom panel.

PersonEngaged in Self-Care Family or Friend Caregiver Healthcare Professional
personal care
easier care
best health
easier care
shared care
good health
best care
engaged patients
patient data
supportive families
professional satisfaction
Public Health Agency Care NGO Employer who has Caregiving Employees
engaged patients
supportive families
member value
community support
productive employees
min. distractions
min. absenteeism
min. turnover
healthy employees

To learn more, watch our video "A Day with the Care Tools", try the tools using our demonstration care team, or create your own team, now, by clicking Start Now.

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